In May of 1974, DC residents approved by referendum the Home Rule Charter of 1973 and through that, the District's local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs). ANCs function as citizen advisory boards and Commissioners act as representatives of 2,000 individuals within their Single Member District (SMD) - for DC residents, this is our closest official tie to our government. The biggest role your Commissioner and ANC provides is in helping residents businesses address local concerns and assist the members of their SMD to navigate the DC government bureaucracy.
The specific role of the advisory neighborhood commissions, as defined by the D.C. Election code, includes advising the district government ” … on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation in that neighborhood commission area.” (D.C. Code, Section 1-251(c)(1)) and the law also states that recommendations made by the ANC ” … shall be given great weight” (D.C. Code, Section 1-261(d)) as they deliberate on matters that affect the residents of the ANC area.

Some of the important matters that your ANC Commissioner will weigh in on include negotiations with local businesses on Voluntary or Settlement Agreements, making sure that businesses are being responsible and responsive to the needs of their neighbors when applying for liquor licenses; applications submitted to the Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA) for requests on variances or special exceptions to the existing Zoning Regulations (ZR); comments on DC's Annual budget; and, on a variety of municipal services such as trash and sanitation, street improvements, and police protection.
I have lived in Columbia Heights, and in ANC 1A, for over 13 years. I have two daughters in a DC public school and have built strong ties in the community with neighbors, community leaders, and local businesses. During my time here, I have seen a tremendous amount of change and the challenges that have come with that. As we continue this path forward, it is important to work hard to keep our community together and make sure that the city and businesses continue to be responsive to the needs of our neighborhood. 
We live in the most diverse Ward in the city. We have a variety of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds in our SMD. We have residents and businesses, new families and residents who have been here for generations, homeowners and renters. With so many different voices in our community, I believe that the one thing that unites us is a desire to live in a neighborhood that is safe, clean, and vibrant.  It's important that everyone is heard and has access to information about what is happening in our neighborhood. Public safety, livability, and responsible development are things we are all concerned about and these issues can only improve when we have a strong community that is knowledgeable and engaged. 

As your commissioner I have worked to address the concerns we all have: 

  • Livability - Regularly reported and followed-up with appropriate agencies to repair damaged sidewalks, repalce missing signage, trash and graffiti removal, and requests for rodent abatement.
  • Public Safety – Worked with MPD (Metropolitical Police Department) and our individual PSAs (Police Service Area) on responsiveness to neighborhood concerns through communication with officials, participation in safety meetings, and completion of 6-week training - Community Engagement Academy.
  • Responsible Development – Ensured that Settlement Agreements encourage local business development while engaging with community on pending licenses; provided ongoing support for local busines owners; and, followed up with DCRA on enforcement of permits and violations. 

During my time as Commissioner, I have provided residents the tools and information they need to become more active in developing solutions to these issues. 

  • Encouraged community engagement and participation with residents by hosting public walks and meetings.
  • Created Junk and Jam - an all day, neighborhood-wide event featuring a volunteer yard sale followed by a live music and community engagement event at the Civic Plaza  in the heart of Columbia Heights that included local bands several local civic groups. 
  • Contribute to monthly community newsletter, Locally DC, by writing a highlight of work being done by local organizations and opportunities to participate or volunteer in neighborhood events.
  • Provide information on developments in our SMD beyond the headlines through the use of my blog, twitter, and an A105 listserv. 

I look forward to continuing to serv my neighborhood in a meaningful way. Columbia Heights is my home. It's where I have chosen to raise my family. Just like everyone, I want it to continue to be a place where I can take my children out and feel safe and comfortable. I'm looking forward to doing the work to keep it that way. I have received a lot from my community and I am excited to give back. I am proud to have my daughters see my commitment to being invested in our neighborhood to make it the best that it can be. 
  1. Public Safety & Quality of Life
    The biggest impact your ANC commissioner can have is ensuring the guaranteed services to members in the SMD. In my 13+ years in Columbia Heights, I have advocated strongly on behalf of my neighbors and community in a variety of ways: • Worked with our local Police Service Area (PSA) to increase foot patrols and police traffic in our high crime sections. • Participated with ANC in working to launch the original RPP pilot program. • Coordinated efforts between PSA, DPR, and Neighbors Consejo to find solutions to public drunkenness in our children's play area along with finding the necessary support services. • Filed numerous requests to improve quality of life issues including: Rat abatement requests to DOH; sign replacement and repair, pothole, and requests for additional crossings guards to DDOT. • Worked with DCRA, Councilwoman Nadeau’s office, Office of the Attorney General and neighbors to enforce violations and force abatement of some of our more severly blighted buildings in the SMD.
  2. Transparency, Communication and Dialogue
    As important as the work I will accomplish in the ANC, I will also provide members the tools and information will empower them to become more active in participating and helping create solutions for some of these bigger issues. During my time as Commissioner, I plan to implement the following actions: • Educate and communicate with members to ensure they know who their ANC Commissioner is, what that means, and what I can do for the SMD. • Provide information on developments in our SMD beyond the headlines through the use of my blog, twitter, and an A105 listserv. • Keep members aware of events happening that directly affect them and their quality of life by circulating information on upcoming meetings and impending votes in the monthly ANC that will directly impact our SMD.
  3. Community Outreach
    My work over 5 years with local schools has focused largely on bringing our schools into our community - moving us outside of the confines of the school walls and integrating into our neighborhoods. In my role as a school leader and engaged member of my community, I've fostered relationships with neighbors, local businesses, community leaders, and a variety of interactions with DC leaders and agency liaisons. • Worked with Mt. Pleasant Business Association (MTPBA) on a variety of community building activities throughout the year including a Holiday Event every December. • Organized volunteers for numerous school outreach events to meet and engage school leadership and parents with community at neighborhood events to effectively describe our programs, volunteer opportunities, and encourage involvement in our work in an uplifting, inspiring way • Worked with Community Foodworks to provide information and outreach to families at Bancroft Elementary School about the wonderful programs and services provided. • Created engagement opportunities for new parents in my SMD/ANC to meet with school leaders and learn about local elementary school
  4. Education
    An important role commissioners are tasked with is identifying appropriate issues with regards to education and drafting resolutions for consideration. My extensive work with schools in Columbia Heights and throughout Ward 1 gives me a unique understanding and ability to recognize items that directly impact the schools in our ANC. I will continue to build on my current role working with our local schools to extend relationships into the community and with local businesses and organizations. Some of my current work includes: • President of Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), a nonprofit and registered 501(c)(3) at local DCPS school, Bancroft Elementary. • Chair of Local School Advisory Team (LSAT), an elected position responsible for working with other school leaders to develop Strategic Vision and annual budget and serving in an advisory capacity to the principal for the purpose of improving student outcomes. • Wrote and won several grants to support STEM, anti-bullying campaign, and the arts. • Working with local businesses to create civic engagement opportunities through volunteer activities for DCPS students including beautification projects throughout our neighborhood and working with senior groups to provide volunteers to assist seniors trying to stay in place.